Nuutste Nuus

This year Helshoogte added a whole new dimension to Le Coq de Republique by having a Beer Fest theme. The event was held on the 27th of September at Helshoogte on the Tokkie. Although the day started out with the usual rainy Le Coq weather we all got used to over the past three years, the skies opened up half an hour before the start of the event.

With everything set the event started at 13:00. At 14:00 the event really started to jet with a variety of 7 craft beers and dj’s like Moosa, Ginga, Two Tone and Frenzy. An Irish Pub song here and there just lit up the whole event! The old tradition of Down-Downs was held at 16:30, where Helshoogte’s best downed against Helderberg’s best. Needless to say Helshoogte beat Helderberg before their third guy even started.

The Beer Fest stopped at 17:00 on the Tokkie, but moved up to Club ’95 as the Springboks played a test against Australia. All in all the event was labelled as an success and is definitely one to keep for the future!


Beerfest Photos by PinkDot

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