Nuutste Nuus

Every one knows that Helshoogte is a residence whose inhabitants showcase many talents. With this being said Helshoogte's Phillip Steyn has been the chairperson of the Maties Drama Society since July this year. As chairperson he has been quite busy ensuring that everything in the drama society flows smoothly, planning events and ensuring that his fellow students on campus are informed about the upcoming events and plays hosted by the society.

 Apart from being very busy ensuring that everything in the society functions as planned, Phillip has found the time to write a play. The play has aptly been titled Pages, and is about a girl who finds a lost diary in a basement. As she reads the diary and progresses further through its pages she finds herself ever more consumed by it. Finally she starts believing that she wrote the diary, and so the story goes on. As the inspiration behind the play is "Equus" it should be nothing less than spectacular. 

If you would like to watch the show it premiers on the 4th of October 2012 at 7:00pm as well as a second show on the 5th of October  starting at 8:30pm. Both shows will be performed at the Klein Libertas Theatre.

We wish Phillip all the best of luck with the last few days of rehearsals before the big night as well as with the rest of his term.

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