Nuutste Nuus

The Economic and Management Sciences Faculty recently held their student committee elections. Out of the roughly 7500 students of the faculty two Helshoogter's rose above the rest.

 Wynand Smit and Walter Biesenbach were elected as members of the EBSK for the 2012/2013 term. The EBSK not only serves as the faculty's student committee but  they will also be the communication channel between students and lecturers in their respective departments.

Wynand is responsible  for the marketing and logistics, while Walter was given the portfolio of guest speakers and public and development management. The quest speakers will be an invaluable aid to students, as they will share their advice and provide valuable insights with regards to their specific fields. Marketing will also play a critical role in keeping students informed about the faculty's opportunities, functions and activities to ensure there is enough meaningful interaction between the EBSK and fellow students.

We would like congratulate Walter and Wynand on this great achievement and wish them all the best of luck with the 2012/2013 term.

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