Nuutste Nuus

Huisdans, always one of the highlights of every year, did not disappoint in 2012. Helgard Meyer and his committee, especially Henk Nieuwoudt, did an awesome job organising a dance that was arguably the best one Helshoogte has ever had. The theme: “2012, the End of the World” was very apt and the atmosphere of the dance was one which embodied the idea of “No tomorrow” as everyone decided to seize the moment and forget about everything else for the evening.

Although as guys we don’t generally worry too much about the decor, it’s still important to have for the hall to have a classy look that matches the formality of the occasion and this was done perfectly. The photo corners also matched the theme and gave us creative ways hold on to our dates and take some pictures by which to remember the evening.

On to the matters which were most important for the majority of us: the food, wine and gifts. The food was great this year and, despite the fact that it was a self-service buffet, this actually worked out better because you could get food when you wanted, without worrying that someone was going to steal yours while you were dancing. There was not as much wine as previous years but the quality of the wine and the reasonably-priced bar easily made up for this fact. Finally, the gift was the coup de grace of the evening: a zippo style lighter with the Helshoogte hoender engraved on it. It was exceedingly popular and will be a much-treasured memento for years to come.

When asked about their experience of the dance, all of the ou manne were positive, particularly about the fact that it was held at a different venue than the Stellenbosch Town Hall this year. “As great as the Stadaal is,” said Murray Bing “it’s been done so many times that it’s very cool to explore other options.” All in all, Huisdans 2012 was an amazing experience which was, if not remembered in its entirety by all, at least thoroughly enjoyed in its entirety by all.

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